There is a well known fact that process of thinking affects the health. This phenomenon is called as Psychosomatics. So, many diseases can be resulted of our conscious or unconscious process of thinking and have their roots in our own mind.

That's not a secret anymore that positive thoughts are much more helpful for our psychological health than negative ones. But just a few people can guess that our inner state influences on the physical body’s health too.

The positive recovers and rejuvenates the body in some degrees, at the time as the negative destroys it and bring nothing well to the body nor to the soul. Everything is interconnected and interdependent here. As inside so outside, and vice versa... Keeping the soul clean and beautiful we are purifying the physical body by that way. Inner hygiene of soul contributes improving health.

There are many real experiences of healing by means of shifting the way of thinking from the negative to the positive ones.

If one got some disease that makes sense to stop for a moment and think about the deep roots of this. Maybe the disease becomes our teacher that can help us to take a look inside and find out more about our mistakes or misunderstandings... Maybe our soul has too much offense or anger or hate... Maybe there is no accepting of oneself and the world as it is and etc...

We always can take a look inside and ask oneself this question: 'What is going on within my soul?' The answer can help us to understand the reason of disease and contribute in some way to the healing.

Observing oneself and living positively is a great key to the good health. Also feeling gratitude, love, joy we are able to change oneself, and changing oneself we are able to change the world. It makes sense to do it not only for oneself but for our dears and beloveds ones as well.

I offer to start right now. Don't postpone for later it, please. Take a look inside and estimate your level of being. If you feel victimized by anything, if you are not satisfied with life and oneself, then you are on the low level and you are more likely exposed to illnesses, especially diseases of the cardiovascular system. If you have discovered inside some joy, acceptance, love, gratitude to life, then you are on the highest. Congratulations!

If you love life then life loves you! Everything is mutual only. There is no constant positive state of mind, because life is a pendulum just like our soul. But at least, if you are able to realize importance of this phenomenon of interconnection the thoughts and body then it would be your first step towards good health.

Much love, dears! Be healthy! Blessings to you! 

Larissa Seagull

Healthy mind has a healthy body!