This word makes someone inspired, someone soothed, someone puzzled, and someone scared. But sooner or later each and every of us comes to that matter, ones do it during lifetime, others do it after death.

There is a few concepts of God in this world. But all of them lead to the only point, - the Eternity, or the Eternal life, in other words. And the older and wiser we are getting on, the more often we are thinking about that question, what awaits us there, on the other side of existence...

I am sure, all people asked this question at least once, or they will do in the future. It's of importance. We shouldn't ignore this matter, if it is coming to us, let's try to deal with it, to find the answers, and to philosophize a little bit... For the beginning, we are all mortal beings. None of us can avoid this experience. Such is reality...

Nothing wrong with death, the same as nothing wrong with our birth… Birth and Death are two polarities of one whole. Life is not an opposite of death, but life is a Source of them both.

Many of us believe in God, accordingly they believe in the eternal life. But we can't be satisfied with just the blind faith; we need any proofs of God's existence.

Science has not yet advanced so far in this matter, but I can certainly say that it is going to be like that. The Era we are living in, contributes to new discoveries in the field of unseen and unknown. There is so much information about it in the world. So, those who can hear, will hear. And those who can see, will see. Many quantum physicists find some compromise between science and spirituality. These two things contribute to each other's development in last years. That's truth. There were some experiments, confirming the fact of our immortal nature. Nobody can declare it yet, but nevertheless, there are some achievements in this matter.

So, my dears, we should open our hearts to God for now, trust him. Because his unseen and unproven, but blessed grain lives within each and every of us.
Death is not, actually, so frightful as just a thought of it. Cause our true Self is immortal one. It never dies. Spirit can't be killed. This is the one eternal life we are talking about. The Soul will live when a physical body dies. No need to fear that, please.

To meditate on the Eternal can never be too late or too early... There is such a beautiful expression 'memento more', which means 'remember about death'. That's not a pessimistic way of living, no way! That's just a realistic point of view. If we remember of death for all the time, then we appreciate every moment of life, and we are less attached to anything in this world. It's not possible to take something with yourself into Eternity. Nothing belongs to us here.

This question "what is the point of life?' may become the first step towards our inner transformation. If we are able to transform some material values into spiritual ones, then we are on the right track. The material things are beautiful and amazing, but what can be compared with such unique values as love, compassion, empathy, understanding each other... All these spiritual values truly direct us to God. That's a true way to Kingdom of Heaven, or to Eternal life, in other words. The purer our hearts, the closer we are to God and to our True Nature…

Dear Friends! If you want to talk about it, write to us. We would be glad to talk to you from heart to heart. Much love, joy, happiness to you! May God bless you all!

Larissa Seagull


So what is Eternity